About us
Our web designers are experts at creating user-friendly interfaces that both delight and inform your visitors, and our in-house web developers in Beijing are implementation masters who follow industry-standard coding practices. We are experts at building responsive design sites that are , scalable, flexible, secure, and search engine friendly for a variety of purposes, including corporate websites, e-commerce, and online communities.
We provide ecommerce solutions based on WordPress. Both coming with standard eshop features, we usually customize them with integrated social features to leverage the social networks used by our clients’ audience. Any payment method can be integrated into your eshop.
We believe that a brand should express the soul of an organization. While as designers we can’t create your brand, we can help you set its foundation and define its visual features: your brand logo & your brand identity. We craft logos and visual identities that communicate your organisation’s, a brand’s or a vision in a unique and memorable way.
Based on the size and complexity of your website infrastructure, we define a number of hours that will dedicated over a year to make sure your website run smoothly or to answer any technical question you may have. Once we know how many content updates are made on your digital platforms over a year the process is simple: you send us your content and we upload it to your web and social platforms.
simple steps. Quick results
We Plan & Sketch .
We Design & Develop .
We Test & Deliver .
web design 75%
Programming 90%
SEO 55%
E-Commerce 85%

Every customer is importany to us!

Our Experienced guys at Baridan always giving their best to make the clients happy!!

Front-end frameworks allow us hit the ground running when developing and designing a new website. There are varieties of them. We make us of Bootstrap, Semantic-UI, Material-UI, Materialize and a bunch of others.
We design for the user using the best and most effective design trends while having a business goal in mind. We employ best practice in all our code and deliver financially Productive results.
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About Baridan
Art of Coding
Using programming to create art is a practice that began in the 1960s. Coding creatively is a type of programming in which the objective is to build something eloquent instead of something functional. It is used to create live visuals and for VJing, as well as creating visual art and design, art installations, projections and projection mapping, sound art, advertising, product prototypes, and much more.
Planning and Clean Design
Our strategic awesome team works meticulously with clients to understand your target customer and to create/develop a unique, clean and innovative web user experience.
Amazing Support
Its usually hard to implement an idea with a super long to do list. We proactively handle your projects and deliver results. With a team of experts, we work with you to exceed your expectations.